A Journey into Exceptional Wines with Delicious Mountain

Visit to Domaine La Rouillère A journey from the vine to our chalet table

Wine buff and author, Harry Bygraves
Harry Bygraves Author, company owner, wine aficionado

Harry's biggest passions in life are great skiing, great food and great wine. So it's no surprise that he has made The Three Valleys his home. For this self-confessed vinophile, the wine makes the meal — the meal makes the holiday. Curating the perfect wine cellar for Delicious Mountain has been the work of several years for Harry, and the task is ongoing.

Delicious Mountain has always had a tradition of sourcing the best wines directly from the growers and producers. Since 2015, we have been visiting the vines, discovering the landscapes and shaking the hands whose hard work each year delivers the wines that complement our chalet cuisine.

This year, the reason behind our visit was to explore our favoured rosé wine: Cuvée LB Rosé. It's a wine our most regular guests know well. Four grapes: Grenache for richness, Syrah for notes of red fruit and structure, Rolle for aromas of citrus and pear and Vermentino. Unusually for a rosé, the juice is placed into an oak barrel for six months to create a taste like no other, incredibly smooth with a nice persistence.

I was excited to learn more about the people and the landscape that brought this harmony together.

Domaine La Rouillère's - Exceptional Wines
The Domaine La Rouillère vineyard, basking in the sunshine

The Vineyard's Enchantment

My journey led me to Domaine La Rouillère, a vineyard nestled in the heart of the Saint-Tropez peninsula. Spread over sprawling acres of captivating vineyards, this enchanting estate boasts an array of grape varieties, each cultivated with meticulous care. The setting exceeded all my expectations.

Named after the river flowing through the grounds, Domaine La Rouillère was established in 1900 and has grown to its current expanse, covering 47 hectares of mature vines. These consist of seven different grape varieties, yielding nine different wines and over 450,000 bottles per year.

Nature's Influence

As I explored Domaine La Rouillère, I was struck by the profound connection between the vineyard and its natural surroundings. The vineyard's terroir, with its ideal exposure and soil composition, offered the perfect canvas for crafting exceptional wines. It was clear that this was a place where nature's influence played a pivotal role in producing wines of remarkable quality.

Altiport region of Meribel with the lake
Rows of vines on the Domaine La Rouillère vineyard

Innovation and Tradition

At Domaine La Rouillère, I witnessed a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. The visionary owners, Magali and Bertrand LETARTRE, have really awakened the estate's potential. Their crowning achievement is the construction of a state-of-the-art wine cellar, a testament to their commitment to excellence.

It was here that I began my tour. Covering 1,700 square metres, the cellar contains 54 stainless steel vats as well as a huge barrel cellar, plus a bottling room and archive. Here, traditional winemaking practices meet cutting-edge technology, and I could see that the Letartre family hold themselves to the same standards of craftsmanship and innovation that we hold ourselves to at Delicious Mountain.

Sunrise on Saulire
The 1,700 square metre cellar features 54 stainless steel vats

Crafting Excellence Grape by Grape

My expedition was defined by the pursuit of perfection, grape by grape. The vineyard's dedication to nurturing seven precious grape varieties, each selected with care, was evident. Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvèdre, Carignan, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Vermentino, Sémillon, and Ugni Blanc were all part of this carefully orchestrated symphony. Each grape was nurtured with precision, resulting in wines of exceptional quality.

The wines created here are harvested from vines dating back no more than 80 years. And that was when they were last watered: when they were first planted. Their six-metre roots mean these vines can grow naturally in even the very hottest of climates.

When I ask about harvesting, I'm surprised to learn that the grapes are harvested exclusively at night. My guide explains that this preserves the optimal freshness and colour of the wine.

The wine of Domaine La Rouillère
The fruits of their labour, the finished product

Sustainability and Legacy

At Domaine La Rouillère, sustainability is paramount. Witnessing the bottling operations, where an average of 1,500 bottles per hour is produced, reinforced my commitment to environmental responsibility. Corks harvested from the bark of old trees on the estate add a touch of heritage to each bottle, showcasing Domaine La Rouillère's respect for both the environment and its legacy.

Tour of Loze
Meeting one of my hosts for the day, above the cellar

A Shared Ethos

My visit to Domaine La Rouillère revealed more than exceptional wines; it unveiled a shared ethos. The way they marry tradition with innovation typifies what I want to create at Delicious Mountain: guest experiences that are timeless, on-trend and unforgettable.

Creux in Courchevel on a perfect day for beginners skiing.
Wooden barrel wine decanter and wine boxes

Saying farewell to my hosts, I'm taking with me not just bottles of wine, but stories, memories, and a commitment to serving our guests with the same dedication I have witnessed first-hand here at Domaine La Rouillère.

Our Wine Cellar

Serving the perfect wines is something we take very seriously at Delicious Mountain, and it's a subject that we will raise during your pre-arrival menu consultation. If you have any questions about our cellar, please visit our wine page or get in touch.