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Terms and conditions

1. Terms

These conditions apply to all holidays booked with Delicious Mountain Ski Chalets Ltd, trading as "luxurychaletsmeribel.co.uk" ("we" or "us"), and all people named or booked for by the party leader ("you"). "Our services" are those Delicious Mountain Ski Chalets Ltd provide directly, such as food and accommodation. All other services provided by external suppliers, such as, but not limited to, childcare, ski lessons, ski hire and lift passes, are not classed as part of "our services". There is a section (section 5) for external suppliers. The rest of these booking terms and conditions apply exclusively to matters of our services only. "The holiday" is our package of food & accommodation only.

2. Your Holiday Contract

The contract is made on the date we issue a confirmation of your booking (via email) from which point on you are said to have booked. No contract or obligation exists between us and you before this date. Your booking of a holiday with us confirms you understand and accept all terms and conditions laid down in our "Booking Terms and Conditions". We reserve the right to change our booking terms and conditions without notice. If you have already booked a holiday before any change you have the option to stay with the booking terms and conditions from your booking date. You will be notified in writing (email, fax or letter) of any proposed change and you must accept or refuse this within 28 days. If you make no contact then it is taken as you have accepted the new booking terms and conditions.

This contract does not apply to any services not classed as part of our services, such as childcare, ski lessons, ski hire and lift passes. We have no liability or obligation in relation to these services, and offer no comment on the standard of these services.

3. Prices & Availability

After you have booked we will not apply any surcharges to you, even if the value of sterling falls.

We reserve the right to change our prices either quoted or published at any time without notice. Although we update our website regularly, it will not always be up to the minute. Please contact us for up-to-date price and availability information.

4. Booking

A party leader making a booking takes responsibility for the whole party, including payment. The below applies to bookings of our services only.

i) Deposit

The deposit is 25% of the full holiday price. This is non-refundable.

ii) Confirmation

We will issue a confirmation of your booking when the full deposit has been received and cleared. Only from the date of this confirmation does any contract or obligation exist between us and you.

iii) Final Balance

The Final Balance is due 60 days before departure. If this is not paid, then the holiday is deemed to have been cancelled. We reserve the right to re-sell the holiday without notice.

iv) Bookings made within 60 days of departure

The deposit and final balance are both due on booking.

5. Third-Party Services

We may make bookings on your behalf with third-parties. For example ski schools, ski hire providers, the lift pass office, childcare providers, restaurants and transfer companies. All third-party bookings are subject to the terms and conditions of the provider. All contracts made are between you and the third-party provider. We do not enter into any contract with third-parties, and do not have obligation for any matter arising from a third-party provider. We do not offer any comment on the standard of services they may provide. All disputes must be taken up with the provider directly, including requests for refunds, even if we have paid the supplier on your behalf.

6. Alteration of the Holiday by You

There are no alteration fees.

i) Alteration before the date of payment of the final balance

You may alter your dates of stay, rooms booked and names of party members travelling, provided there is availability. If the holiday price is more, you need to pay the difference in price. If the price is less, we will refund you any difference. Prices applicable are those on the date of your change of booking compared to the price of your original booking.

ii) Alteration after the date of payment of the final balance

You may only alter the names of persons travelling up to 14 days before departure. No monies will be refunded for a person taking the place who would upon normal booking pay less than the original person has paid (e.g. if a child takes the place of a full paying adult there will be no refund).

iii) All other alterations

All other alterations not specifically mentioned above are considered a cancellation of the whole party who will then need to re-book. The charges for cancellation are outlined below.

7. Cancellation by You

If you cancel your holiday for any reason, please note that a cancellation charge is due as stipulated below. The cancellation charge varies depending on the length of notice which is given for the cancellation. Please ensure your insurance covers cancellation of your holiday for any reason.

Cancellation Policy

Days Before departure Cancellation Charge
(% of total holiday cost)
60 days or more 25% (this is the deposit)
30 to 59 60%
15 to 29 90%
14 or less 100%

If you do not make the payments by their due dates or do not show up in resort or at the airport (as applicable), your holiday will be cancelled without notice and the above charges apply. In reality we would make every effort to contact you and only cancel without notice if we were unable to contact you.

Please note our holiday prices, and any refunds given, are in Euro. If you pay from an account in another currency then any refund given may not match your original payment amount by the time you have converted it back if exchange rates have changed.

8. Alteration or Cancellation by Us

In the very unlikely event we need to make a cancellation for reasons not classed as "force majeure" then we will offer you a full refund of all monies paid. In the case of us making a major alteration to your holiday, you may select either a full refund of all monies paid or the altered holiday offered by us. Change of dates of holiday or removal of exclusive use of the chalet are classed as major alterations. All other alterations, including change of room and change of chalet, are classed as minor alterations and no offer of full refund is applicable. The refund of all monies paid is the full limit of our liability, we accept no liability for any other costs incurred to you, including charges for cancellation of your travel and cancellation of other services for example ski hire, ski lessons, lift passes and childcare.

In the case of alteration to, or cancellation of your holiday due to force majeure then no refund will be given. Force majeure is unusual circumstances outside our control, including, but not limited to, war, the threat of war, terrorist action or threatened terrorist action, riots, industrial action, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, flooding or adverse weather conditions, closure of ports and airports or similar events.

9. Acceptance of Responsibility by Us

We take responsibility for the actions or omissions of our staff only in the course of their normal work. We take no responsibility for any actions or omissions of staff outside normal working times, including voluntary skiing with guests and socialising with guests. We take no responsibility for any persons not employed by Delicious Mountain Ski Chalets Ltd, even if they are a third-party supplier connected to us.

10. Limitation of Liability

Where you do not incur death or personal injury, our liability is limited to the full monies paid to us for our services. No extra costs, for example, travel from the UK, are liable to us.

11. Acceptance of Responsibility by You

We reserve the right to charge you for any damage to our property and for any unusual cleaning. This must be paid within 24hrs else we reserve the right to terminate this contract and all services we provide to you, including accommodation, food and transfers. Any behaviour deemed by us to be anti-social may result in the immediate termination of this contract and all services we provide to you. Group bookings are classed as one. No further obligation would be due to any member of a party, even if a non-offender, of a terminated contract.

12. Accommodation

We will endeavour to have your room ready by 3pm on the day of your arrival. Your room must be vacated by 11am on the day of departure, regardless of the time of transfer. We will however provide space for the storage of baggage, should you either arrive before 3pm, or wish to leave after 11am.

13. Complaints

In the event that you have reason to complain whilst on holiday with us, you should immediately notify us. By raising complaints early, they can often be dealt with quickly so the rest of the holiday can continue to your satisfaction. If you are still unhappy after your initial complaint, please inform us that any actions we have taken have not corrected the problem to your satisfaction. If you remain dissatisfied the party leader must write to us within 28 days of the end of the holiday giving full details of the complaint. For all complaints and claims which do not involve personal injury, illness or death, we cannot accept liability if you fail to notify the complaint or claim entirely in accordance with this clause.

Please note there are many factors outside our control, notably weather-driven aspects such as lack of snow or water shortages. Although we have no liability for factors outside our direct control, we will do our best to help.

In a mountain resort, it can take longer to rectify any problems that may occur than you might expect in the U.K., especially involving trades persons and during the holiday periods. Please bear this in mind when we are dealing with any issues.

14. Ski With You

We do not include ski hosting with our holidays. Sometimes we or our staff may ski with you. This is nothing to do with our holidays, it would be outside our holidays. We are not ski instructors. They are in no way leading to teaching you, and this is outside the scope of your booked holiday. All issues of safety are your own responsibility. You must make all decisions as to whether the terrain is suitable for your own ability. We have no liability for any accidents or losses, no matter how they occur or what terrain they occur on.

15. Accuracy

We have tried to make all information on our website as accurate as possible. Please note our prices and availability published may be out of date, please call us for an up to date quote. All information regarding 3rd party suppliers has been supplied by them to us, but we make no claims to it being complete or up to date. They may subsequently have altered their information, making the facts we have published inaccurate or incomplete.

All photos we publish are of the resort or chalet in question except where the subject is not the scenery itself, for example, photos of a ski instructor or our staff.

16. Internet Access

Although we will try our best, it can take a large amount of time to rectify any technical problems due to the remoteness of ski resorts from the suppliers. We cannot guarantee our internet access to work. We do not provide any computers.

17. The Chalet

Chalets are not always built with child safety in mind. Parents must be aware there are greater risks than in a normal home environment, and extra care should be taken at all times.

Furnishing may vary from that shown or described. Rooms may not be lockable.

18. Transfers

Transfers are not included in your holiday price. We can help you arrange them & give you suggestions of companies to use. You would be using these companies at your own risk, and if something goes wrong or you miss your flight, that matter would be entirely between yourself and the supplier in question.

19. Hot Tubs & Saunas

Hot tubs and saunas can break down and it can take time to get them fixed in a ski resort and as such we cannot promise them to be in working order.

20. Insurance

You must have adequate liability, medical and cancellation insurance for a snow sports holiday.

21. Safety Standards

Please note, it is the requirements and standards of the country in which any services which make up your holiday are provided which apply to those services and not those of the UK.  As a general rule, these requirements and standards will not be the same as the UK and may sometimes be lower.

22. Law and Jurisdiction

The contract between us and you, and any matters arising from it, will be governed under French law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of France.