Thyme Scented Tart Tatin

Thyme Scented Tart Tatin

This classic dessert is so easy and so delicious you just have to try it. See what apple varieties are available and try them all. We have found that Granny Smith apples are a bit too crumbly, so maybe skip those. This picture shows Royal Gala; they seem to work really well, holding their shape and taking on a nice colour

Thyme Scented Tart Tatin

Ingredients Serves 8-10

  • 200g caster sugar
  • 125g butter
  • 4/5 sprigs of thyme
  • 7-10 dessert apples (depending on size)
  • lemon juice
  • 300g puff pastry


  1. Put the sugar in a large frying pan with an oven proof handle, then dot the butter over the top and pop on the thyme, melt on a medium heat on the stove
  2. Peel core and halve the apples and pack tightly in the pan, if they don't all fit in the pan, use another smaller pan and with some of the butter and sugar mixture to cook any apples that won't fit (you can then put them in the big pan once they've finished cooking and they've reduced in size)
  3. Cook on both sides on a medium heat until brown and when they've finished cooking you want the cored side facing up
  4. Drizzle over some lemon juice and leave to cool a little
  5. Roll out the pastry into as much of a circle as possible, trim if necessary and put on top of the apples, tucking a little bit down the edges of the pan if you can.
  6. Bake on about 170°C for about 1/2 hour to 40 minutes or until golden brown
  7. To serve, invert the tart onto a large round serving plate. Remove the thyme leaves. Slice and serve with Créme Anglaise or vanilla ice cream (or both)

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